Wet ‘N’ Wild Las Vegas

Watch video to watch our full experience vlog at Wet ‘N’ Wild.

I frequently hear people talk about how there aren’t many things to do in Vegas with children. In retrospect, I used to feel the same way. Prior to moving to the city, I used to wonder why our family would bring me and my cousins to Vegas. Vividly, I remember mostly being stuck in a hotel room with the eldest cousin. Besides the pungence scent of cigarette smoke, I remember despising going to Circus Circus because that was the only place they took us for some “fun”. 

Since moving here 5 years ago, and now 3 kids deep; I have found a great new love for my city. On the contrary of some people’s beliefs, there are in fact, numerous activities in Vegas that are kid friendly.

Perhaps in a later post, I will elaborately mention the variety of places to go, things to see and activities to experience in Las Vegas. For now, let’s talk about one particular place to be, to see, and to experience. Especially appropriate for the desert summer, beat the heat at Wet ‘N’ Wild Las Vegas.

Disclaimer: We spent a day here courtesy of Wet ‘N’ Wild. I will always write, film and speak of things or places I experience, with my full honest opinion. Our admission tickets and cabana were complimentary to IJKfamTV, however, I am not being paid for this post.

Upon entry, it’s always great to see security go through bags. It could be a pain in the butt for some, but honestly, It gives me some peace of mind. Checked into our cabana, however, we were double booked. The # they assigned us was already occupied by another party. One of the employees close to where our cabana was located was able to fix that for us. We were provided with a bucket filled with ice and 5 mini bottles of Aquafina water. Normally, some fruit would be served with the water for Cabana occupants, but the day we went they had run out.

Our view was at the Paradise Falls next to the Kiddie Cove. Perfect for my family of 5 with 3 little ones ages 2-9. My 2 sons loved hanging out at the Kiddie Cove with their toddler sister. They all enjoyed the Paradise Falls slides and splish splashed all over that area for long periods of time. A general favorite of all of ours would have to be the Colorado Cooler Lazy River. We went around that thing quite a few times. My boys enjoyed getting on the floaties. It’s great that the park provides life vests for little ones like my baby girl. Red Rock Bay is the wave pool, and my boys enjoyed getting in the floaties while the wave rippled against them, giving them an enjoyable nudge and ride. My husband went down the Desert Racers slide which was sorta cool and interesting because he was on his stomach, head down first. The Zipp Zapp Zoom was the final attraction my husband and eldest son went on. They said that was really fun and wished they could have gone on it over and over.

We had lunch there, too. A menu was offered at our Cabana and our order was placed by a waiter. He had a little pager which would buzz if we pushed this little button in the corner of our cabana. That’s a pretty cool feature. I’m not a needy guest, but I’m sure those who are love this. Food took almost an hour, it was cold, and one of our orders were wrong. Food was not great and not the best experience, but honestly, we came for the park lol. There are many other food options here as well. The cafĂ©, which our food was from, they also have pretzels and lemonade, Dip N Dots, and more.

Love that this place provides free sunscreen too. The bathrooms were all pretty decently clean for a busy amusement park. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. The amenities are all exceptional. There is something for everyone of all ages here.

Check out their website for more info including ticket pricing and all.



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