Paint Night Las Vegas

I’m a little two thousand and late on this activity, but Jerald and I had the opportunity to cover one of Paint and Party Las Vegas’ events at Crazy Pita in Town Square. It was one of those Canvas Painting events, usually accompanied with some wine. I see a lot of people’s posts attending these things, and I’ve always thought it would be a great date night idea. My best friend, Margie, and her hubby are always going to these things. I don’t know why it took us so long.

The company, Paint and Party Las Vegas, hosts these paint nights at several locations here in Vegas. Every other Tuesday until Tuesday, September 20th, 2015, they will be at the Crazy Pita restaurant in Town Square from 6-8pm. The price for adults is $30 and $20 for kids. With this price, you get your own large canvas, a palette with necessary paint colors, a smock, a few brushes with a cup of water and paper towel to cleanse them with. Crazy Pita provides complimentary warm pita breads and a bowl of their delicious hummus.

Usually, I notice these paint night events from other companies provide a glass of wine to each painter. Again, I am basing this off of what I see and hear from friends who are frequent paint nighters. Alas, you do need to purchase your own drinks including wine at this one. I’ve eaten at Crazy Pita before this night, and I enjoyed their food. My husband did buy some dinner while he was painting, and he liked what he ordered.

We donned our smocks and browsed through their variety of paintings we would like to re-create. Among many Fall festive and Halloween pictures, they also had a few non seasonal, every day friendly images. My husband was game, so I took shotgun and decided we both should go for the same picture. I wanted to see our individual takes on the exact image. The thought of evoking our inner artists together would be sorta fun, since it was our first time. A friendly competition came about between the two of us, but it made this experience even more exciting.

I can see the potential of these paint nights filling up a room. I was really expecting more people, but I’m sure each night differs. There was a handful of us painting, and everyone in the room were really friendly and interacted with each other. The hosts were really nice and helpful. They came around to help us and made sure our palettes were always filled.

I felt like I was in my element. This was my first paint night, but I used to like painting on canvas just for shits and giggles. Mostly with my kids painting their own beside me. Amid the little competition and teasing going on between me and my husband that night, I found that the concentration I put into even just trying to imitate the image I am looking at, with the addition of stroking that brush against the canvas, to be quite calming and therapeutic.

The end result, I’d have to say surprisigingly, Jerald took the win on a better painting between us. Side by side, they looked so similar yet so different. You can tell off the bat he had a lighter hand while I, apparently, had a much heavier hand. This experience got me looking forward to coming to these events for Date night, a night out with girlfriends, maybe bring my kids some day, or even for special occasions like a birthday. I’ve also decided I want to buy paint, brushes, and canvas again and rekindle this therapeutic activity.

Paint and Party Las Vegas is available for any occasions if you would like to have them come and host a paint night for your party. Or follow them on social media to find where they’ll be next. Crazy Pita at Town Square have these dates available:

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Watch our VLOG experience here:

DSC08942 DSC08943 DSC08944 DSC08945 DSC08946 DSC08947 DSC08948 DSC08949 DSC08955 DSC08957 DSC08958 11988609_928062717266860_6423247746326094873_n


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