Legoland and Hotel in California

Legoland has always been a favorite place for my boys. We try to bring them there at least once a year. In the past, we’ve gone especially for my eldest who has been a Lego fanatic since he was a toddler playing Duplo. My second son wanted to go there for his birthday this year so we planned it out as his birthday gift from us. Along with a day at the park, we also booked a night at the Legoland Hotel. The kids have been wanting to stay there since they first opened a few years ago.

A one day resort park hopper is about $113 for adults and $107 for kids 3-12 years old. You can definitely get better deals if tickets are purchased online at or if you purchase 2 day passes or the Merlin Annual Pass Membership. The Merlin Pass is something we are considering since it is the best deal.

Since knowing the park already, the boys knew which rides and attractions took precedence for the day. The ride lines were all about 15-20 min wait time that day. Not so bad for a warm weekend. Among their favorite rides, we also strolled through their favorite attractions and visited some new ones for the first time. Our favorite attraction we visited for the first time was the Lego Movie set where the kids were so happy to meet and take pictures with Emmett.

The Lego Movie set was where the actual movie was filmed. The basement area with the Lego buildings where Will Ferrel’s character built his Legos. It was pretty amazing because we all love the Lego Movie. To see the setting in person was such a fun experience. The boys were beyond ecstatic as they counted each Emmet and Wild Child Lego characters they could find. They gasped with excitement when they would recognize certain sections from the movie.

Legoland did close at 5pm that day. If you are only limited to a one day visit, use your time wisely and try to show up upon park opening to get a lot of activities in. We dined twice at the park. We had brunch at the Ocean Journey Café located inside the Sea Life Aquarium. There, we had cheeseburger sliders and an order of Mac and Cheese. For the price to quality ratio, I’d have to say it was a little over priced but about average for being in a theme park. For an afternoon snack, we had some Nathan’s Hotdogs at the Funtown Hotdogs station.

Upon exiting the park, we always allow the kids to purchase a souvenir at the Big Lego Store located near the entrance/exit. As we walked toward the store, we noticed a wall with Ninjago characters all over it. Looks like they are building a Lego Ninjago land that will be opening next Spring 2016. My kids jumped for joy and they’ve already made plans for us to return then.

Another thing I usually enjoy doing at theme parks at the end of our visit is checking out our park pictures taken by the photographers. I was really disappointed this time because even with my photo tickets, they weren’t able to find all of the pictures we took throughout the day. They were able to find the first one we took in front of the Legoland sign, but we literally had to go through everyone else’s photos just to find our other ones. It was upsetting to waste my time standing in the heat going through the pages of photos, but I really wanted our photos as my souvenir.

On to the Legoland Hotel. It was walking distance the park entrance/exit. We had already check in that morning so all we had to do was get our luggages to the room. Once we entered the hotel, my kids’ faces lit up so much. This is literally a dream, a wish come true for them. Granted, it was only one night, they exclaimed it the best hotel ever!

It almost seemed as if everyone at the park that day was checking in that night. It was the most crowded hotel lobby I have ever experienced, and we’ve had our fair share of hotels. It wasn’t a bad thing. These families were just on the same mission as ours; experiencing the infamous Legoland Hotel amenities. Impressive indeed as you witness all these Lego creations used as decors. From the ceiling to the floor, the details are impeccable. A sitting area near the front desk is nicely decorated with a Lego themed ceiling. Next to it a nice sized Lego pit filled with enough Lego pieces to go around. Kids of all ages in it building their master pieces as their parents check into their rooms.

As we walk down the hall toward the elevators, you pass a couple restaurants where lines were already filling because it was dinner time. Along the hallways of all floors, you see nothing but Lego decors from paintings, to wallpaper, to Legos. Nearby the elevator, there was a carpet section labeled whoopi cushion. When the kids would step on it, a farting sound would come about along with a Lego character voice responding to their “fart“. My kids got a kick out of that every time we stepped in and out of that elevator.

One of my favorite attractions in that hotel was the elevator ride. Not only was it, again, nicely designed with Lego themes; it was also a Disco elevator. My kids calls it a party elevator. Once the doors closed, the light dims, disco lights come on with a party/disco style song. The kids would dance throughout the short but sweet ride up and down level 2, where our room was located. Their dance numbers would be better when we were alone on that elevator ride. My youngest daughter was the only one who didn’t mind dancing around others when we’d share the ride.

Level 2 of the hotel was all pirate themed. Our room was all the way at the end of the hall. It was quite a walk but a pleasant one. Just the site of the Lego theme across the hallways and floor made the walk so much easier. Luckily, we had one of the rooms with a door decor. Not all rooms had that and I thought it was a great touch of character. Upon entry, the look on my kids’ faces just made the pretty penny we paid for the room all worth it!

You just have to watch my video to see the in depth detail and beauty of the room. It was just incredible, I think my husband and I enjoyed it just as much as our kids did.

The hotel has a variety of activities throughout the day. We wanted to make it to the Pajama party so we dressed our kids in their Lego themed PJ’s we purchased at the park that day. We had dinner at Brick’s which was a buffet style dining. The food was just okay, reminiscent of grade school cafeteria food. It’s no wonder my kids sorta enjoyed it more than we did.

The pajama party was fun! The kids engaged in several activities such as lego building, to dancing, to listening and watching the speakers of the show. It was just fun to watch them be so into an activity with many other kids. Of course we called it a night before the party ended because we all wanted to enjoy our room.

Also, we gathered up info to answer the hotel scavenger hunt. The answers to these questions were all numbers because at the end of it, you’d be able to enter those numbers in your hotel room’s treasure chest. We got all the answers right, and the kids opened up the chest. In it were a couple of gold chocolate coins and a couple of Lego figures along with a magazine. It was just so fun to do this as a family.

The next morning, we dined at Brick’s again. This time it was complimentary for all hotel guests. Same thoughts on their breakfast. It was just okay. We also spent some time at the pool that morning. The kids loved it because they were able to build with giant legos that floated in the pool. One negative thing about the pool that morning was one of the lifeguards was kicking the Lego blocks into the pool right where my son and another kid were at. Even when I said aloud, “you’re just going to kick blocks in front of the kids faces?”, she did not stop and continued until it hit the other kid’s shoulder. Still, the lifeguard did not say a word until the kid’s mother had said something.

Overall, I’d have to say the Legoland hotel is where I, personally, had a better time. It’s definitely an amusement park of its own. Legoland is great, but Legoland Hotel was better. We will be staying there again in the future. Don’t forget to watch our video footages to visually see what I mean.

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, blog or vlog. Legoland gave us 2 complimentary one day media pass tickets to the park, but this is my 100% own opinion.

Legoland, California 2015
Legoland Hotel 2015


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