Nathan Adelson Hospice’s 16th Annual Wine & Food Extravaganza

Nathan Adelson Hospice is a non-profit organization here in Las Vegas. For over 35 years now, they have served over 60,000 people according to Nathan Adelson caters to everyone who may lack health insurance, have health insurance with limitations, or have a low income.

Being a Nurse, and also having witnessed my own grandfather’s passing after battling with cancer, I am aware of the difficulties given to the terminally ill and their family. With all of the emotions and fears in the face of an impending end of life, medical finances play a big role in the anxieties of patients and their loved ones. It may not always be expressed, because health takes precedence, but it is there. Nathan Adelson is a place where the anxieties and fears may be alleviated for all.

The opportunity to attend one of their biggest fundraising events was such an honor because I was in the presence of goodness, generous, gold hearted people. This event in particular was their 16th annual Wine & Food Extravaganza which fundraised money for their Pediatric department. I believe they raised $60,000 that night in donations and bids in their auctions.

Held at the new Porsche Gaudin showroom with a red carpet to give off an elegant event to come. There were so many great local food vendors, a great selection of wines and cheeses, and tables after tables with many donated gifts up for bid. The crowd demographic ranged from mid twenties to 60’s. Everyone was dressed nicely with their glasses of wine, smiles, and generous pockets all for this great cause. Congratulations to NAH, it was a great turn out.

Please watch my vlog coverage of the event:


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