Baskin Robbins’ New Items on Menu

Dessert is my favorite meal of the day. One night, I told my kids we were having dessert before dinner. They probably didn’t believe me until we actually took them to Baskin Robbins. We had the opportunity to try out the new items on the Baskin Robbins Menu.

Just think, warm, chewy, gooey cookies from chocolate chunk to fudge to even a peanut butter and white chocolate flavored cookies. Now, pair that with your favorite ice cream. Yes! Baskin Robbins went there.

The first new item we tried was the Warm Cookie Sunday. It included 3 warm cookies of our choice with 2 scoops of ice cream. It was also topped with fudge, whip cream, peanuts and a cherry on top. We enjoyed this because it is a family favorite that we make at home or order at restaurants.


The next new item we tried was the Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich. This includes 2 warm cookies of your choice and an ice cream scoop. This was my eldest son’s favorite of the 3.


The last new item we got to try was the warm Donut Ice Cream Sandwich. It is a powdered donut, your choice of one ice cream scoop and hot fudge. This. Was. Heaven. My favorite of the 3.


We all had our individual favorites. I think these new items on their menu is a great addition to the Baskin Robbins menu because it brings even more of a variety for everyone’s personal taste. Some of these things are similar desserts that can be found at fancy restaurants. To have them at my local Baskin Robbins will definitely make it easier for us to access them when we are craving.



This post was sponsored by Baskin Robbins. All opinions are 100% my own.



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