Ninjago World Preview at Legoland, CA

Ninjago World opens May 5th, 2016.

On Thursday, April 28th, 2016, we were invited to preview the new Ninjago World at Legoland, Ca. Perfect, as it was TYKTWD (Take your kids to work day). I’m sure they would have loved to shadow their dad at the power plant, but we opted for the “fun” work lol. My kids were so confused Wednesday night as we started heading toward California right after school. Planning this mini trip a week in advanced, surprisingly, I kept my mouth shut. I hate keeping surprises as much as receiving them. My kids are the same way. If they knew we had something cooking, they would have been bugging for us to slip.

As the kids began to worry at the same time become excited, they’d question what was going on. We finally told them we had a surprise for them. Being Disneyland pass holders, they started saying amongst each other, “I bet we’re going to Disneyland.”

Side note: My boys (ages 5 and 10) have been Ninjago fans since it first came out. Starting with my eldest who then influenced his little brother. We went through a whole Ninjago phase where my house and kids literally bled Ninjago. From the clothing, TV Shows on repeat as well as the soundtrack, Legos and toys, imaginary play, bedroom and birthday themes as well. They were pretty much obsessed with Ninjago. They know all the stories from the beginning to the latest episode.


Soon as we got to our hotel, I decided we should tell them. Soon as they got into their PJ’s and settled into their bed, we broke it down to them. We forewarned them not to scream because we had neighbors all around lol. Please watch our YouTube Vlog coverage of Ninjago world. There you can see it all from their reactions to all of our experience and our day at Legoland.

When we got to the park that Thursday morning, it was raining. It usually would cramp our theme park day style, but we didn’t let that happen that day. We were too ecstatic to let some rain ‘rain on our parade.’ I met with a couple of my YouTube vlogger moms there. Jeannie from Alittleaboutalot and Jessica from Imjessicaolivia. Some of my faves, so please check them out on YouTube.

It was so cool to see Ninjago World as we were walking up to it. The last time we were there last Fall 2015, it was blocked off by a tall fence with a tease painting of the Ninjago Characters. Upon entering, I noticed the pristine details of the place. From the characters tediously made of thousands of pieces of Legos to the main building where the Ninjago ride resides.

FullSizeRender 20.jpg

They held an opening ceremony, which featured some talented drummers and Sideswipe Ninjas that represented the 4 main Ninjago characters. Sensei Wu came out to introduce the 4 Ninjas: Jay, Kai, Zane, and Cole. He also introduced the media crowd to Ninjago World as he welcomed us all to the ride. The amazing asian drummers beats went well with the Ninja skills the 4 ninjas performed before us. The opening ceremony’s epic ending was one that my family will forever remember. The confetti that sprung out of nowhere lasted what seemed a good, long 5 minutes. Enough to keep the crowd in awe right before we all had access to what Ninjago World had in store for us.


Right before we ventured off, we got to meet Kai and the kids got to take a picture with him.


The fun began with testing the kid’s balance, agility, speed, and creativity at all of the 5 Ninjago World attractions. You can build Lego blocks at Zane’s Temple Build, learn to spin like the Ninjas on Kai’s Spinners, Rock climb like Cole. You can also test your reflexes if they’re as lightning fast as Jay’s. Then finally, we entered the longly awaited and most coveted, Ninjago the Ride.

While walking through the line, you can read up on each of the characters on the walls. There are monitors on the walls that shows you how to play the interactive game during the ride. This ride is like no other we’ve been on, and we’ve been on many in several theme parks. Each car on the ride seats 4 people comfortably. Each player gets a pair of 3D glasses to borrow. The Ninjago ride is interactive, and each rider uses their hands to throw fire balls and ninja stars at the nemesis shown on the 3D screen.

My kids loved the ride so much they wanted to go again. They proclaim it, “the best ride ever!”





We also got to try some of the items on the Ninja Kitchen menu. Banh Mi sandwiches came with either chicken or pork. I had the pork Banh Mi, and it was so delicious. They also had some pretty looking pork Bao buns.


Ninjago World was an amazing experience. It truly touches home for my family because, as I’ve mentioned, Ninjago has been a part of our lives since it first released. Having its own section in Legoland is such a great idea and we are very grateful for it. My boys and our whole family will continue to enjoy Ninjago World in our future Legoland visits. I highly recommend everyone to pay Legoland a visit to catch the new Ninjago World. OPENS MAY 5th, 2016.

FTV: Tickets to the park have been provided by Legoland in return for this blog post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Here are more photos from the event. Please remember to watch our vlog and subscribe to or channel.


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