Summer 2016 Hair: Balayage Ombré

Getting my hair done nowadays is such a treat. Especially now that I have found THEE hairstylist that I can trust and would love to go to forever. If you guys have not already heard of him, take a break from here, open your Instagram and search: @jayrua_glam. Just take a quick browse and make sure to come back.

Yesss, girl, yes! (p.s. we’re in Las Vegas)

I’ve been seeing Jay since the Spring of 2015, and this last visit was my 3rd time in his hot seat. I call it a hot seat because he is in such high demand. Since last November 2015, he stopped seeing new clients because he was steadily booked months ahead. But have no fear — he has taught all of his stylists that works in his salon. They all do great work. Take another pause, open Instagram and search: @jayrua_glamhairsalon.

Right? All bomb work.

Jay is so personable. I love his spirit. I love his positivity and outlook on life. Hence, the success he continues to bestow. Besides the amazing job he does with my hair, I absolutely love the ambience and everyone working under his belt. Mind you, he used to have a smaller the first 2 visits with him. It was located in the ‘hood of Downtown Las Vegas. Still, women from all over were booking him and his girls. Now, they have moved closer to me, into a much bigger space, thus, adding more chairs and stylists. The ambience and vibe is still the same mellow, down to earth, friendly, and happy feel.

A handful of times, some of the girls working there would come to him for help, and he’d either verbally explain to them how to pull the right colors or whatever it is they were asking about or he’d take a quick pause from my session to go over to help his colleague. He is always highly speaking of his stylists and praising their work and how proud he is of them. I absolutely love that! At age 33, and many years of salon going in my life, I can’t tell you enough how much seeing this means to me. It means, good people exist. One too many times I have heard stylists snicker, bicker, chismeh (gossip), and talk shit about one another. I’ve experienced stylists who would defame the booth right next to her, and then turn around and act like her homegirl. I’ve experienced stylists who would lead me on to think I’d look like what I’m excitedly expecting, to only become disappointed during results.

Jay doesn’t sugarcoat. Jay won’t let you walk out with orange hair. He’d tell you straight up if you’ll need to come back for another session. He’ll tell you his prediction on how he thinks your hair will turn out. Trust me, I would walk out of a salon before JayRua Glam thinking, “Wow! I love my hair!” only to realize in retrospect how brassy and orange it looked. I can see in my YouTube vlogs a couple of years ago how bad my hair used to come out, but back then I thought it was so nice lol. Not just from experiencing from the salons, but from my self experiences in high school when my friends and I would bleach our own hairs then use black dye. All big NO’s!

Don’t get it twisted though. Yes, those previous salons may have felt like I paid a pretty penny back then, but now those prices were great! Jay is a prettier penny, but that’s when the saying is true, You Get What You Pay For. With that, you get an honest stylist, a very real and very personable person taking his time on your hair. Your session, your 2-4 hours with him solely. Between Jay and I, we can speak throughout the whole sesh because we can talk about so many things from our commonalities to our differences.

Now, for my hair photo….





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