Grocery Shop Online

Kroger’s chain Smith’s Food and Drug grocery store has started their Click List program. As of now, only one Smith’s location in Las Vegas is participating, but I am hopeful for many more in the near future.

Smith’s Paradise Marketplace

3850 E Flamingo Rd 

Las Vegas NV 89121

Click List is basically a way to do your grocery shopping online in the comfort of your own home. This is great for us busy people, whether you are a SAHM mom, working mom, a busy student, or what ever your status may be. Just as human beings in general, we are always on the hustle and bustle. Grocery shopping is something that has to be done, but isn’t it great to be able to cut down the time on doing so?! 
You must place our grocery order online at Smith’s website ( the midnight on the night before you plan to pick up. The initial registration process is easy. Log in, and begin your shopping. Just as if you walked into your local grocery store, everything is organized by category. Like any online shopping that you do, you simply just add what you want in your cart. Upon check out, you will be given the option to pick the one hour time frame you want to pick up the next day.

15 minutes before my pick up window time, I received a phone call from Smith’s letting me know my order was ready. Since Paradise Marketplace is 20 miles away from me, it took about 25 minutes to arrive. I was hoping for the email they sent me to work as it should. 

It’s an interactive email, which should have been highlighting the steps. An hour to about 12pm (my pick up time is 12-1pm), my email still only highlighted Order Received. I did receive the phone call so I figured that would highlight Order Assembly. 

Once we got to Smith’s, we found the Click List parking section. Simple instructions were followed as listed where we parked. It took a few minutes, then a couple people came out with our groceries. 

I can get used to the convenience of this service, I thought as they approached our car. One person took care of the transaction while the other loaded our car with our groceries. Credit and debit are the only payments they accept and tipping is not required, but they did an awesome job, we went ahead and took care of them. 

Our transaction went smoothly. We only had one product that needed substitution. Once we got home and had a chance to put everything away, I only realized a couple mistakes. One was my order of Cilantro was missing but I got Parsley instead. Another was my order for 3 boxes of Chocolate milk by Horizon, I only got one. 

Overall, our experience with Smith’s Click List was great. We’d definitely like to use this service again soon. I am hoping for more Smith’s location in Vegas to participate as well. 


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