Nursing School

I really don’t have the time to even be writing this blog. Luckily, I have an app where I can just do this as I am laying in bed, and at the tip of my fingertips, write this blog. What I should be doing: begin my 2 chapters of reading for the weekend, study, or catch up on some much needed sleep. Instead, I decided to vent my nursing school frustrations, accomplishments, goals, hardships, journey, etc. Starting with this, where I am letting you guys know that I did begin an accelerated nursing program.

This is something I started at age 18. I first went to nursing school in North Hollywood, Ca, where I got to live with my best friend. We both went to the same college, carpooled, studied together, graduated the Vocational Nursing program together. That was quite the journey and probably one of the most fun memorable moments of that stage in my life. 

The ultimate goal since then was to eventually get my RN. Our hometown, Santa Maria, required LVN as a pre-requisite to the college’s RN program, so I thought getting my LVN at a private school first would allow me to work as a nurse while I finish my nursing degree. Obvi, if you know me personally or follow us on social media, then you’ll know I’ve been a SAHM for the past 7 years. 

Along the way, we started our fab five family. I got to work as a nurse at skilled nursing facilities while taking classes here and there. In 2010, we moved to Vegas, where my SAHM status first took its bout. 

So…. here we are. 2017. The year I felt was right for me to go back to school. Last summer, I thought long and hard about whether going back to school or back to work was best for me. If I went back to work as an LPN (LVN), I was faced with a couple challenges. First, I would have had to take a refresher course to renew my license. This includes clinical hours. Second, I would be so limited to where I could apply and get hired. With 7 years of not practicing, it was pretty scary thinking about how bad my resumĂ© would look.

Going back to school to finally pursue my RN was the better choice for me. I have a great support system amongst my hubby, kids, parents and in laws. Everyone is able to pitch in with helping us with school pick-up and drop-off for the kids, and watching Kaleah while I’m at school. Thankful and blessed to be able to do this with the full moral, physical and financial  support of my husband. 

Deciding on which school was best fitting for me was a pretty lengthy process of researching and weighing things out. I decided to go the private school route again. Took the entrance test, passed the first try, essay and interview process, then accepted in time for the January 2017 cohort.

Here I am, 2 months in on the program. As my countdown says, 96 weeks until graduation. 


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