National Donut Day at Dunkin Donuts

Hi friends! It’s almost that time of year again. That one time when you feel less guilty about having donuts. Who am I kidding, I have donuts quite a few times a year?! Especially since nursing school means having to pick up some coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts every now and then. Of course, donuts and coffee just go hand in hand.

I’ve also realized since starting school in January, my classmates have been bringing in boxes of Dunkin’ Donuts on rotation because it’s always someone’s birthday we are celebrating. So bad, yet so good. It’s probably another excuse for us to eat our stressors away.

This Friday, June 2nd, is National Donut Day 2017. Dunkin’ Donuts in Las Vegas has a free donut deal that day. You get a free donut with your purchase of any beverage. This includes any of their iced coffees and other drinks they have to offer. Remember, coffee and donuts just go hand in hand?!

Dunkin’ Donuts is now serving their new Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee. Have a favorite coffee or iced coffee? Try it blended. Ask for a free sample between 10am – 2pm. 

Also, now until September 30th, Dunkin’ Donut’s medium Iced coffees will only be $1.49. What a steal?! Especially for nursing students like me who needs to squeeze in as many gourmet coffees they can in a week without breaking the bank. 

Enjoy your Summer with Dunkin’ Donuts! 
This post has been sponsored by Dunkin Donuts. 


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