Karson’s 7th Birthday Reptile Party

My sonny Karson, the most simple of the 3. He never asks for much, and for the past years has been content with mini birthday celebrations. It’s always been instilled in me from my mom and other family members to always celebrate “milestone” birthdays with a bang. I think every year is a milestone, but I guess with Filipinos, there are certain years that are considered to be extra special as far as celebrating goes. Turning 7 is one of those milestone years.

Upon planning this party, I wanted a theme that well described what Karson’s into lately. Again, he is so simple, so this wasn’t very hard at all. In fact, it’s something he’s been into since he was even younger. He loves anything gross like bugs and reptiles lol. Once I asked him if this was okay, he was so blown away with the thought of actually having a party with that theme. I gave myself at least a month in advanced to plan, although I knew then that I wanted it simple, yet special. Being a nursing student mom, it had to be realistic to my current capabilities as far as free time goes.

I found theeee perfect invitation from Etsy. I pretty much used this specific invite as a base to what and how I would be decorating his dessert table. I say dessert table because honestly, that was all I decorated along with his favor boxes. Pinterest was a great sidekick in helping me put this icky theme together. Each time I was complimented on the snap or IG stories when I’d post about my prep for this party, I always made sure to mention that I did excerpt these ideas from pinterest.

This was the easiest birthday party I’ve thrown for one of my kids at home because we did not cook anything for it, nor did we order any foods that would have gone to waste. We also did not over cater, as the food amount was just enough and a little more. We let Karson pick the menu to be served, so of course Pizza was on the list among Spam Musubis, Manapua (siopao), and Cane’s Chicken fingers.

Of course with all the simplicity going around, there was one thing we did splurge on. We hired a company who brought some animals and reptiles over for a one hour show. It was hard getting past the thought of snakes in my backyard, but the excitement and thrill in my son’s face made it all worth it. Here are some photos of the party. Please subscribe to IJKfamTV on YouTube for the upcoming vlog clip.


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