why Katsteez?

When I decided to blog again, I couldn’t think of a name for my blog. Everything I coined in didn’t sound right. My old blog was also called Katsteez. But where does the name Katsteez derive from? Let’s go back to circa 1998+. This was the AOL and Asian Avenue era, also cliques and long lists ok of aka’s as a young teen LOL. One of my original screen names was iLLpYnaiSteeZ (eww, yes spelled that way). I was also referred to Katsteez among other clique-y aliases. So when it came down to naming my blog, I went with something I was used to. Taking the prefix from my name and the suffix of my AOL alias (embarrassed!), and put that together. According to UD, Steez has various meanings. Basically, it’s slang for style. I know that sounds very juvenile and 16 of me again, but it’s the closest my blog can get to being me. =D


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